Definition- flabbergasted, astounded, shocked...

As much as I was looking forward to BlogFest 2009 and all the folks I would finally get to meet, nothing could prepare me for the experience. To write of it seems almost sacrilegious, certainly inadequate... since I am unable to find words to describe how joyous it was.... At the same time, there's no way I could keep all this inside. We spoke of this at BlogFest on the last day, how each of us would frame our experience in Matthews County, how we would make the visit real to others who could not attend or show other attendees how it felt through our eyes and our hearts. I was confident and thought I would show it through photos.

I took over 400 shots and none of them is equal to the moment I took them in. The best camera could not have captured life in Matthews, the people that live there, or the enchantment of those who came to visit and bond. I'm further challenged by how to select just a few for this first day. I'm unequal to the task of defining BlogFest, but I will contribute to all the others that posted by selecting just a few shots that I took in reflex, knowing that I would remember how charmed I was by the unexpected....

I did not know...


... how charmed I would be by our host Janice and her Mamma. I adored Maryann and chatted with her whenever I could!

....how much I would come to adore Janice's friend Bud and the lovely glimpse he gave us of Gwynn's Island and Matthews County!

... how fantastic my new friends would be.... Nora and CW, some of the sweetest folks ever!


...how much joy there would be walking barefoot in the sand as a group!

...how the residents would greet us!

...how nostalgic and charming we would find Chesapeake!

...how the sense of utter relaxation would manifest itself (personified by my kindred spirit, Kate)


...that there would be sights that left me speechless but filled with joy.

Thanks to all who attended and befriended! It was so worth the trip!

AG out!

PS ~ Yeah... I'm too verklempt to talk about how wonderful it was to meet Lauren and Daryl and Annie and Angie and....