Work Ethic

It's not a full on pet peeve, but this is the kind of stuff that makes me wonder how some companies remain successful. Or at lease clarifies why they aren't more successful.

Here's the online update on the package I'm expecting today.

Please note the "estimated delivery date" of July 2nd. Estimated.

Then please note that the package was at the local facility closest to my home on July 1st at 6:58 am. Plenty of time for delivery. Was it delivered. No, it was not. Why not?

Because at 8:30am someone tagged it as "Package not due for delivery"

I guess you wouldn't want to exceed anyone's expectations by delivering the package before the "estimated delivery date".

Please don't do anymore than you have to in order to get by.

In fact if it got here by Monday, that would probably be okay too.

What the heck... they could probably ship it to Portland and back while they kill time waiting for the "estimated delivery date".

 Just for fun.


Not Impressed