I woke up at 4:15 this morning with my head spinning with details. Zoiks! By this time tomorrow I'll be winging my way to the Virginia Blogfest with the Baroness! Great news! Progress has been made! The legs have been waxed, and check out the suitcase...

Still not done... but I have a list and a plan and I'm closing in on it!

Yes... the lens still had the smear on it. I promptly came back downstairs and cleaned it so I wouldn't forget. Here's the proof...

Taken moments later with a clean lens!

Now... work one last day and then the fun begins! Woot! I actually spoke with Chesapeake Bay Woman last night and got directions from the tiny airport we're landing at. I CANNOT wait to meet everyone! The first thing I'm going to do is hug Daryl (scent free, non lung crushing), no... Annie! No... Lauren! Whoever.... Y'all better prepare for the hugging!

"Leavin' on a jet plane... " 

AG out!