This is K3, our youngest. She's going out the door to spend the night at her best friend's house.

One of the things that I cherish most about K3 is her youthful, innocent outlook on life, due mostly to her disability. This picture could easily be attributed to someone at 10 or 12. K3 will be 19 on Monday and her excitement on going to spend the night with her friend transcends her calendar age. I will admit that most 19 year olds do not require their mom to double check that they've packed underwear and a toothbrush along with the video games and comic books... but that's all part of the joy of K3.

Incidentally, that wolf under her arm... TOG (The Old Goat, my beloved husband lo these many years) took her to the zoo for her birthday this week. They always do something together for her birthday. She would prefer that I did not attend and that's okay. Anyway, she will not let go of this wolf except to eat and shower. It's adorable.

I tell you all this because as I took this picture I was contemplating that perhaps some might view K3's exuberance at spending the night with her friend as perhaps a tad age inappropriate. Not that I would give a fig what anyone else thought of my darling girl, but the thought did rattle around in my brain pan momentarily.

And then I had an epiphany. These are few and far between for me... so bear with me.

I could not help but note the similarities between K3's excitement at spending the night with her friends and my own anticipation of going to Blog Fest to see my friends. Granted, I'm not taking comic books and video games, but the adult equivalent of camera and laptop!

I therefore submit that the tug and pull of the sleepover is ageless and timeless. Who doesn't want to get together with their friends and stay up too late and giggle and hug and embrace their inner child.

I went a little further in my observations to note that men do it too. Sorry TOG but its oh so true! They just call it a fishing trip. But the same rules apply. Stay up too late, tell stories, laugh, drink too much beer and take pictures at three in the morning to show everyone how light it stays up in Alaska.

I rest my case!

See you at Blog Fest!

AG out!