A story

I love my aunt. She's actually married to my mom's brother, and happily that makes her my aunt. She's a special person and has a way of touching the lives of those around her. She's one of those people that gathers folks close and doesn't let anyone disappear from her life. She'll track you down... she's a caretaker. I can't think of a single person that knows her that doesn't adore her. She has one of the best laughs you've ever heard! And she's a great cook... although she didn't start out that way and has the stories to prove it!

On the flip side, she's got far worse asthma than me. She's steroid dependent and even worse, allergic to almost everything. On top of that, she survived breast cancer three years ago... with more humor and strength than I ever could.

The picture below is from 1965 when she and my Uncle Bill drove to Alaska to see us.

Aunt Carla is a whiz at family history and occasionally sends me items of interest. A week or so ago, they found the death certificate for one of my Great Grandmothers on my mom's side. Unlike Aunt Carla, she did not survive her breast cancer.


Hopefull you can make out what it says. I didn't know my Great Grandma Clara, but I don't imagine the breast amputation done in 1928 was all that great. Ironically, I have a great grandma on my dad's side that went through the same procedure. I don't think she survived her cancer either.

It's not that I'm being morbid, but with everything we hear about breast cancer and all the diagnostic techniques available, it just makes me sad that we're still losing so many women to it. And I just want to take a moment to be grateful that it didn't take my aunt.

She's one in a million!

AG out!