Saturday, before he left for his evening shift, TOG and I went down to the waterfront for a lesson on how to use the D80. It really made me remember how uncomfortable I was with the camera when I first got it. While I'm far from an expert now, I've reached a point where I feel like I take reasonably good shots. And knowing that my technical expertise is limited, I've learned to compensate with things like composition and lighting and a gentle hand with photoshop. So I knew how overwhelmed TOG was feeling with even the basic controls. And yeah... the D90 is going to challenge me all over again.

Here's some of the shots we took together.... These are off the D90. I haven't seen his.


Outdoors with the sun at your back.

This shot was a lesson in focal length and bokeh!

Here's our salmon friend demonstrating too much shadow. The quartermasters office was behind us and blocking the light at the ground level, making our fish buddy too dark to see his details.

Here's my favorite:


I love shooting reflections on the water!

In the next few days, I'll show you something unexpected that happened to us while we were down at the pier! And maybe I'll show you the surprise that the girls and are working on for TOG! (if we get it done...)

Have a wonderful day!

AG out!