Crabpots and Breasts

Disclaimer: I held off posting yesterday because I'm a total crab pot [crab pot= a grumpy person in Asthmagirl's house]. Oh... and there's talk of breasts below. Read no further if this is an issue for you.

It's the mammogram. Because my girls are fibro cystic, they have to go downtown to the cancer center for their yearly. This is always a somber experience as I am likely the healthiest patient there. It is a reminder to count my blessings and be thankful that I'm there for diagnosis and not treatment.

The benefit to going to the cancer center is that they evaluate the mammogram in real time. Because of  the cysts, my mammos always look suspicious and thus are followed up with ultrasound which can tell the difference between cysts and cancerous cells. Often, my larger cysts are drained.... a less than delightful process but one that always brings relief. Especially since mammogramming cysts is pretty uncomfortable to begin with.

Last year I struck the jackpot with 4 cysts in one side that had to be drained. This year.... they're back. All four... in exactly the same spot. But for the first time ever, they said I had been booked incorrectly and they didn't have time to drain them and I would have to make an appt to come back.

[whining] I'm really not happy. I hate driving to downtown Seattle. I hate waiting two weeks for an appt and take a half day off work to drive in. I hate the traffic and the exahust and the rude drivers....

[even more whining] Part of me wants to forget it and hope they don't get any bigger. Part of me wants to see if there's another breast place that can "do" the girls. Part of me wants to yell at the mammo scheduler. Right now I'm leaning toward option one.  Yes... I'll come around and do the right thing. But dammit I hate having high maintenance girls.

Okay... I haven't had much sleep so I'm stopping now before I get all worked up.

In happier news, I dropped TOG off at the airport this morning. He's off to fish in Alaska for 6 days. He looked pretty happy as he hopped out of the car with my old camera! Have fun TOG!

AG out (and off to work on my attitude)!