Camera swap

So here's what's happened so far.

TOG is leaving for Alaska in a week to go fishing with his buddies. No, I'm not going, and yes... that's okay with me. I'm glad he's going to go O.D. on bait, boats, beer and boasting! He'll have a great time!

The thing is, he wanted to take my camera. I wasn't wild about the idea... both not having it and worrying that it would go overboard into the briny deep.

In order to pry the D80 out of my hands, TOG playfully offered to buy me a D90. I don't think he was serious at the time, but I started looking at them... and looking at them. TOG tried to distract me. I tried to distract me.

Then he realized how much he was spending to go to Alaska compared to how much I was spending to go to BlogFest. To assuage his conscience, he thought maybe I should get the D90. So I ordered one before he could change his mind.

When it came, I was excited. I took this picture of it.

Then I attached a lens, inserted an SD card and snapped a shot. There's a big blue line in the display. I deleted the shot, line still there. I tried a different mode. Line. All line, all the time.

So I called the company. They're sorry. They'll exchange it. Send it back, they'll send me another one.

So I packed it back up. Drove it to the post office.

Now I have no camera.... again.

Waiting sux.

AG out.

PS~ Blogger ate 3 of my comments this morning. I'll try again at lunch time...