Grad Deluxe

So yeah... I finally did some selecting and editing of all the pictures we took. Here is the deluxe long play version...

At K3's high school, you can march with whomever you want to. It's kind of chaotic because these huge groups of friends march in together... so although it's fun, you don't know where your child will be because it's all mish mashed. So here's where they came marching into the stadium and TOG and I finally saw K3.


[This is out of focus as both TOG and I were pretty weepy. I just need to take a moment and say that it wasn't just because she is our baby. When we look back at the dark days of her early childhood and the therapies and all the people in the district who told us she was retarded and to let go of acedemics... there were many difficult moments for TOG and I where we didn't believe this day would ever come. Thankfully, K3 was oblivious to all that and we just kept working the system and listening to her specialists and advocating for her....then the day comes... and wow... I think I cried all day. I'm still crying as I write this...  *tissue, blot, dab* Asthmagirl composes herself.]

Okay... god knows who she is waving at... she is still looking for us. The gentleman holding her arm has been one of her dearest friends since middle school. He has his own disability and they have argued with each other and comforted each other since day one.

Here's a better shot of them. I'm so glad they walked together!

Still doesn't see us....

Now she sees us (blurry again... sorry!)

Now everyone speaks... blah, blah, opportunity, blah, new world, blah, advice, blah...

Then the kids line up to get their "diploma". The case is blank and the actual diploma is mailed out


They each carry a piece of paper which has their name as they want it to be announced.

"K3, K3, K3" (she even used her middle name!)

She had strict instructions to turn and look at mama so we could get a good picture of her!


Who's happy?

"Hi mom!"

After the ceremony she found her dad....

And her sister (K2/Girlfriend)

And posed for pictures with her Oma and Opa (my dad and beloved step mom!)

Even Dad and Mom (who's probably never taken a worse picture)

So there you are, the whole ceremony, judiciously edited by yours truly. Sorry about the blah, blah, blah thing there in the middle.

AG out!