K3's last day of school was Friday.

It is such an eye opener to have no kids in K-12 school. We've had kids in school since 1986. Because it's early, I'll do the math... let's see...carry the two... insert decimal... add, no... subtract.... that's 23 years of school lunches, field trips, report cards, open houses, teacher conferences, missed buses and in K3's case planning sessions, evaluations and emergency meetings.

I'm relieved to be done. (Yes, she's going back next year to do career exploration as part of her education plan. Her disability status allows her to partake of services until she's 21, then she will be on her own since she's unlikely to qualify for what little adult disability service money our state has.)

In some ways, I've been happy with the efforts of our district on her behalf. In other ways, I've been extremely disappointed. Honestly, I think any positive year that she had was due to an exceptional teacher, not an exceptional school or the district itself. Overall, I think the district is pretty disorganized. As evidence... K3 got her senior sign out done by all her teachers on Friday. Paid all her fees, got her yearbook, turned in her books. Monday she went to her graduation rehearsal and got her tickets for the ceremony. Monday night, the school called to tell us that K3 had unauthorized absences from class... Hello!!!

AG out!