Today is an anniversary of sorts for TOG and I. It's the anniversary of the day we met...29 years ago...on a blind date... that neither of us knew was going to happen.

I was in the process of finalizing my divorce, had been working at a pretty good job in electronics and the newly hired girl, "L" and I became friends. I invited her to a tupperware party and a few weeks later she invited me to a get-together over at the apartment she shared with her boyfriend.

I had a million excuses... no transportation, had 4 hours of dental work done that morning, was burnt out on socializing/men/parties...

She had a million rebuttals, she'd come get me, it was just a few friends; not really a party, it wasn't going to run late...

So she came and got me and a couple blocks from her place let me know that she'd invited this guy... he was best friends with her boyfriend, one in a million, fun, charming, blah, blah, blah...

My response? Turn around and take me home.

Of course she didn't. She just kept talking... how it wasn't really like a date and if I didn't like him but she was sure I would... yada, yada.

Meantime, TOG shows up at their place and is told "L is bringing a date for you, don't blow it."

TOG had just gotten out of the army, survived the Mt. St. Helens blast (literally), was unemployed and taking a few months off to go fishing... Not really looking for a date.

Neither one of us were excited to meet the other. I assumed he was less excited than me since he didn't talk to me for two hours. I was telling L in the kitchen how wierd I thought it was that he wouldn't say a word, when in walked TOG. L said something about fishing which started us talking and surprisingly, we really hit it off.

Turns out TOG is a pretty shy guy. Faced with a surprise blind date, his strategy is to quit talking so he doesn't say anything funky.

So yeah... I found TOG charming, and fun. He had a lot to say for himself after all and I liked his sense of purpose. He found me cute, interesting and liked my drive to succeed.

Two weeks later, he went out and got a job because he was pretty sure I wouldn't keep dating an unemployed fisherman. Six months later we were married. Cuz we were young and stupid and sure everything would work out. Turns out we're committed too because after 29 years we're still a team.

So happy anniversary TOG. It's not every day you're introduced to the person who will become your best friend, your confidant, your fishing and hiking buddy, your advocate, your support system and your partner in life.  

AG out!

Just for the nostalgia, here we are in 1981 fishing at the Oregon coast. I'm pregnant with K1... TOG is not the serial killer the mustache makes him out to be! It's his "Smokey and the Bandit" look. We won't even talk about my hair!