The 3 R's

Roses, Raspberries and Recovery...


This is part of the flower arrangement that TOG had made for our daughter's (K1) baby shower... which was held by K2 at our house on Saturday. Unfortunately, I was so busy serving food and cleaning food and watching the proceedings, I didn't take a single picture. I was a wreck. Fortunately, K2 threw a great shower and it was a lot of fun to sit on the sidelines and watch.


At last... I can't wait to plant them and have them do their thing! I got a mid season and a late season. Both plants together cost $18 and I probably spend that much each week on raspberries!


I got about three and half hours of sleep on Friday night due to some crazy birds, neighbors having a nasty fight at 4am and Maddie needing to go potty in the wee hours. I finally got up at 5 and started making potato salad before things got too hot in the house. By the time the shower was over, all I could thing about was sleep. Yesterday's recovery was more gardening... I finally found tarragon for the patio, and of course the berries which I'll plan tonight. Now it's back to work to fight viruses... My weekend went too fast!

AG out!  

Check out the pub cupcake in the asthmatic kitchen!