I'm working on moving Cassie from pee pads to outdoor "business". Before we've always let her choose but she's old enough to make the full transition. She's not totally on board which means each morning we go outside together and have the same conversation:

AG: Go potty.

Cassie: Blank stare.

Yeah, it's going well. When she gets it right, she gets a dog biscuit (kept in my robe pocket). But we spend a lot of time staring each other down!

So this morning, Boy, our large, half feral male cat is out in the yard. Boy slaughters everything he can catch and is a terrifying mouser. Boy used to be a real jerk, but now he loves me (ever since I saved his life) and he follows us over to the potty spot hoping I'll pet him.

I can see Cassie is distracted by him and I use the stern voice to warn her away. I pet Boy and after a moment he wanders to the fence and begins his crouch to leap on top of it and then into the front yard.

Cassie looks up from sniffing the ground and with no warning catapults herself onto his back!

It is hard to say who is more taken aback. Boy looks kind of startled that this little creature is on his back and (thankfully) instead of turning to kill her, freezes and looks at me for advice. Cassie is draped on top of him, her legs not even touching the ground with a look of confusion on her face.... like "what do I do now that I've got him?"

As the only one thinking clearly, I quickly remove the dog from the cat's back and reassure Boy that all is right in his world. He gives Cassie stink eye and resumes his leap to the top of the fence. He's earned a pile of salmon treats before I leave for work this morning!

As for Cassie, there's no doubt in my mind she'll do it again. I could feel her body coil to spring as she watched him leap for the fence. She is utterly fearless, completely Alpha. How do you keep 4 pound dictator safe? Particularly when she's unafraid to take on a 15 pound cat? It's like someone put the heart of a lion in the smallest body possible....

I'm going to be buying a lot of salmon treats!

Asthmagirl out!