While I realize that some folk may have found yesterday's post a tad bit morbid, I really did enjoy those conversations. In the throes of all the steroids and breathing treatments, I confess I become a little morbid myself.... filled with hope and determination for my lungs while wondering how resillient they'll be this time around.

It's not something I ponder endlessly, but I do wonder from time to time who will kick who's butt; me or the asthma. I have a lot on my side... a great doctor, state of the art meds, an active lifestyle and oh yeah... determination!

After 6 years of this crap, I'm pretty determined to maintain as much control as possible, even if the only thing I can control is my mindset. That means while I'm forced to take the occasional and very real look at my asthma, I'm not going to give it more than I have to. No undue anxiety, no prolonged gnashing of teeth, no insipid whining. I prefer to address the humor of the situation and joke about it. Even if they are morbid jokes. It beats the hell out of tragedy! And after last week, I can either continue to be mortified or I can laugh with my co-workers and help them to feel comfortable.

I'd much rather take the positive approach. I'm determined... much as the flower in the picture above... to bloom, even if I have to do it on a rocky desert hillside.

Asthmagirl out!

PS~ There's a new picture over in photography!