Yes, I have a problem. It's taking over my feet.


I wore them all winter. Remember these?

Yes... I wore them all winter. And I wore my Keen sandals all summer and fall.

So when I wore my hiking boots a couple weeks ago my feet rebelled. My pinky toes looked like little raspberries for the next two days. My hiking boots are not Keens and my feet could tell.

Actually, I should say that my hiking boots were not Keens. Cuz baby... They are now!!! Say hello to my new bedroom slippers hiking boots... Girls!

Aren't they sexy? And they're mine! All mine!

Even better... I ordered them on line on Monday at lunch last week. They were delivered to my office 23 hours later! Seriously.

Oh, and better than that? 15% off!

Let's sum up...

  • Addicted to Keens
  • Sexy new boots
  • Bought online
  • Insanely fast delivery
  • More comfortable than bedroom slippers
  • Less than full price

I rest my case!