Tomorrow, I'm taking K3 down to the waterfront to shoot her Senior Portrait. We'll be here...

(photo blatantly and unapologetically stolen from imom)

Yes, my youngest is technically graduating from high school. The technicality is that they are withholding half a credit so she can go back next year and do career exploration and integration. They can either find her internships or allow her to enroll in vocational training programs at the tech school. All of which is available to her until she turns 21, due to her disability. At that point, she'll lose her eligibility for public school and it's resources and she'll be dependent on TOG and I. Due to recent budget cuts in our state, I don't see her ever being eligible for state disability resources. But this does give her a couple years of services and training to help her find what she wants to do.

So tomorrow, we'll cover up the pink of her newly waxed eyebrows, doll her up (K2 and I) and hopefully get some beautiful shots for her announcements. I wish I was more proficient with the camera, but considering the beautiful scenery, and the special occasion, maybe I can make up for my ineptitude with the camera and get a "lucky shot"!

And I guess I can always compensate for my poor photography with my weak Photoshop skillz. Poor kid!

AG out!