Romance aside, it was a busy weekend in the yard. TOG and I had a debate Friday after we signed the papers on the house and the conclusion was that instead of going somewhere to have fun we would devote time to the yard. Since the weather was expected to be great, it seemed like the perfect time to get things straightened up.

We spent tons of time at the nursery, laid about 40 cubic feet of mulch (front and back), devised a watering system, planted our cypress trees and came to the conclusion that we did want an outdoor dining set for the patio. Then the discussion that the patio might not be big enough (TOG), then coming home to measure the patio (AG) then finally going to look at more patio sets. Finally bought the one we'd been looking at all along except on discount since we bought the floor model.

So after 3.5 days of digging, transplanting, replanting, mulching, dragging and assembling, I can honestly say the yard does not look all that different than it did last Thursday. However, I do. I'm scraped, sunburned (even my scalp) and sore... the three "S's"! I think my sunscreen must be old because it really let me down.

Worst of all, I didn't even take a before and after picture. Too tired. I also didn't wash my car, sneak in a bike ride or go for a hike... What did you do this long weekend?

AG out!

I am posting last years pics over in photography. I'll take new pics tonight and post the updates tomorrow morning!