I've been uploading quite a few of my pictures over to my Flickr account this morning in an effort to repopulate more of my blog from my laptop later today. Today I'm uploading food porn. Who's hungry?! I finally loaded so many pics that they said I needed a pro account or I wouldn't be able to see all my photos. Crap. Might as well. I'm pretty committed at this point... I shut my other blog down last night. The good news is that in photo swirl process, there's are two great benefits...

1. you get to reorganize all your pictures

2. you find pictures that you'd forgotten about, like this one!

I remember taking it, I was sick as a dog in January 2008 and seeing the weiner mobile really made me happy! That and a green tea latte!

I'm not sure if I'll update the asthma page this weekend. It's been a tough couple days and as usual Doctor M has gone above and beyond. Do stop by the Asthmatic Kitchen and enter the Country Bob giveaway! Contest ends tomorrow!

Have a great derby day!