I took this photo on mother's day while K3 and I were sitting home alone.


I might as well have been alone because K3 decided to take a 3 hour coma nap. Unlike her mother, K3 does not require two down blankets, a parka and a sherpa to keep her warm while she sleeps. She is like her dad, TOG, who continuously cranks out enough BTU's to melt an ice cap all the while snoring snoozing away! If you're ever stranded in the wilderness of Alaska, these are the two people you want with you!

This heat source has not escaped the notice of the Chihuahuas. Thus, whenever they notice that she has dozed off, the Brute Squad climbs on board to get warm. Much like a lizard sunning itself on a rock!

Also under the catagory of warm....

The birthday of my favorite Son in Law (SIL)...

... who I hear likes lemon cake! Happy Birthday SIL!

AG out!