I lost my workstation at work Tuesday. The hard drive blew and I lost the half the ports on the mother board. All of this as I was on deadline to process the pictures I took Monday night, which had to be emailed to Virginia for a national magazine. Suddenly, none of my card readers work, the machine goes down and won't reboot to windows... No photoshop! Argh!

Fortunately, I had all my data backed up. The only things I could save off the old system were the card reader, dvd player, operating system and the case. Everything was either fried or not compatible with newer technology.The bulk of my time the rest of this week will be in reloading all the programs.

So Wednesday night was dinner with a friend. Then Dinner Impossible. Then wash hair because no time Thursday morning because it's staff meeting day and I have to go get all the food.

No time to work on new blog.

No time to play with puppies or blog decently...

Two more photo shoots Thursday, laptop acting up, meeting with foundation, call Adobe to get new license code for Creative Suite so I can reinstall Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I can't believe I have to start over with all those programs... Gah!

Asthmagirl frazzled and out...