In process

There are a few things in process here at the Asthmagirl house. Things that I can't wait to finish...

I heard from my bank re the mortgage that never closed... I sent them a very brief letter outlining my position and requesting the return of some of the fees since they failed to close. They sent me a brief response saying they'd decided to keep our fees, thanks for asking. So I spoke with my brother Saturday morning and he has an interesting approach to getting the fees back. One that I would not have thought of! I can't say anything about it of course, but it is a fascinating look into the world that he lives in. In the meantime, I'm gathering documentation for his use.

My back finally agreed to start flexing again. After 6 days of "gladiator back wars" it has given in and decided that it will perform minimally. I took it for a walk this weekend and was thrilled by all the spring-y-ness that happening in our neck of the woods. All that nasty weather has paid off! There's stuff in bloom! I'll try to capture it with the camera today assuming my back decides to let me "crouch and shoot"!

Next, I made some major progress in the evolution of the blog last night. You may recall that I'm not happy with some of the functionality I'm experiencing in my bloggy world. Well, the solution is at hand. Fix the Blog was right next to File your Taxeson the Asthmagirl to-do list and it appears the solution will be ready for viewing soon. I'd say within the next few days. I'm very excited!

Finally thanks for hanging in there during what will likely be known as "crappy post week". It's very challenging to be upbeat and interesting when you're laying in the recliner for what seems like forever and the back is on day three of "spasm fest"! I hate even talking about it. Especially since I don't have a cool story about what caused it to go psycho on me. Anyway, I've come to two conclusions. Ready?

1. Just post pictures of puppies and kittens when you feel that crappy. No point trying to be lucid!

2. Realize that you will grow to hate DIY television after 4 days. I over watched it because I grew to despise all the other crap on TV. I never want to see another kitchen remodel again.

And on that note, I'm out of here. I know I didn't catch up with y'all over the weekend. If I don't hit you today, I'll catch up tonight!

Asthmagirl out!