The full feed (such as it is)

After much wrestling and cursing, I'm pleased to tell you that a full feed for the Asthmagirl domain is available.

Does it look like I want it to? No.

Do I care at this moment? No.

Did I just about have a fit getting it this far along? Yes.

The full feed, when pasted into a feed reader such as Google Reader or Bloglines, will tell you when I've posted on any of the pages on my site. Right now, I've been announcing the posts on Everyday life if the post is located on a different page. I'll continue doing that for another couple days but ultimately, it would be great to post once so beloved friends like Snooty don't get all worked up about having to click on too many pages!

Once the rss feed is entered in Google Reader, it CAN be renamed by clicking on feed settings (darned if I can figure out how to rename it on this end) and you may call it what you like. The full feed link is located at the bottom right of this page...

For today, the intended post is over in Outdoor life!

Asthmagirl out!