Happy Day!

I have something to share! Are you ready? Sure?

Ahem... It looks like I'm in the process of being reindexed! Yes, It's true! This blog can be seen by Google reader! Although they are showing the right name, they have not caught up to the posts yet, but I have high hopes! I may actually start showing up in the side-bar of folks that use Blogger! I'm not invisible anymore! Woot! Woot! *happy dance*

So, if you're just now realizing that I'm in this new space, welcome! Sorry more *happy dancing*!

Okay, I'm fine now!

What a week, huh? Were you busy? I've been swamped! I still feel like I need longer days or 8 day weeks because there's just so many things I've assigned myself! My baby grandson will be here in less than three months and that's a lot right there. I have stuff to finish making and shower to support. My middle is doing the shower, but we're having it here and so tons of cleaning and the menu to consider...

For this weekend however, today I'll squeeze in some baby prep time, load more pictures into ye old blog and then the plan for tomorrow is that TOG and I are heading to the high desert for our first hike of the year. I'm a little nervous since a) I haven't done any conditioning and b) the snakes are starting to wake up a little. But TOG reminds me that the air will be great for my lungs and we have to start sometime!

I'm considering whether to take my little Maddie. She so loves a hike, and she's shivered all winter; she'd love to hike where there's warm, dry air. But she's also so low to the ground (snake level?). I'd hate for there to be an altercation. Any advice?

So for now, I gotta get busy on pictures before TOG wakes up and starts assigning stuff to me!

Talk with you soon!

Asthmagirl out!