The deep breath!

I know... as an asthmatic, a deep breath is cherished! But I'm taking a deep one now because this week has been a real struggle with the blog. Losing my feed was something I didn't count on, since I was just changing servers and keeping my domain. I hope to have more time this weekend to work on the aggregated feed but my thoughts are that I may end up asking everyone to relist me using the new feed. I'm unconvinced that Google Reader is going to reindex me and find this site and that will definitely play into folks that use Blogger since it's part of the Google conglomeration! Word is that reindexing could take up to 30 days and that makes my butt cheeks clench a little.

It's been quiet over here with fewer visitors but in a way it's been a positive. Along with being so frustrated over my mish mash at Typepad, I think I just had a general funk about blogging. Call it a loss of muse or a writers block or whatever you like... the thought of not blogging made me cringe but I felt like I'd grown a hard outer shell and I was hiding inside of it. I didn't want to throw words down for the sake of posting. I really felt like I needed to change how I was posting. This format really addressed the changes I wanted to make... pulling everything together, giving my interests a facet of their own to shine and yet leaving me with 'everyday life' where I could be frivolous or dopey or whatever....

So as much as the move has been more challenging than I thought, I'm totally unwilling to go back to my previous home. Hopefully everyone will find me eventually, or Google will reindex me so everyone can see me again!

In the meantime... although it's raining here, the weekend is supposed to be beautiful. I'm looking forward to getting out of the house!

There's a new post under Photography as well!

Have a great spring day!

Asthmagirl out!