Having your say...

If you've ever thought no one was reading your blog... So not true. Yesterday I wrote about how lovely I thought my dealership was and how easy they make it to go get an oil change. In that post, I made the comparison that I thought it was more service for the money compared with Jiffy Lube. Yes Jiffy Lube, I used your name again. I have nothing against you, I've used your service. It's fine. It just doesn't quite measure up and the only way to beat my dealership would be to have a bigger gap in the price point so that if I were shopping on cost alone, you would be the winner...

Anyway... I never really thought about companies employing search engines that would sift through the Internet in real time, seeing what was being said about their brand. However, that's exactly what Jiffy Lube appears to do. I followd their tracks back to their home base....and Behold!

Market Intelligence Through Information Discovery

Cymfony, a market influence analytics company, sifts and interprets the millions of voices at the intersection of consumer-generated and traditional media. Our award winning platform, Orchestra, integrates innovative technology with expert analysis to identify the people, issues and trends impacting your business - at the speed of the market.

Readers, I believe we are the "consumer generated media" mentioned above! And yes, they visited the blog last night to sift out what was said about Jiffy Lube. How I wish other companies were using this because I have a few things to say...

Delta Airlines - $15 to check a bag? And no breakfast on a 6 am flight? And the price went up $110 in a 24 hour period? You must be showing one hell of a movie on that flight!

Starbucks -  That pit that got left in the dried cherry I sprinkled in my "perfect oatmeal" wasn't the experience you thought it might be. It almost took out the whole left side of my dental work. A little more attention to detail wouldn't be amiss!

Comcast - If you can sell your high speed Internet for $19 per month to any newcomer off the street, why am I paying $45 forever and ever amen? Why not just create a new lower price for everyone? Or failing that, give me a discount for being a long time customer. You create no incentive for staying with you and it's a sour taste to always watch newcomers get the deal!

Amazon - You rock. I can't remember the last time I had an item delivered sooner that the expected delivery date! What a lovely surprise!

Costco - That organic rain forest coffee makes me want to weep for joy every morning. Well done!

Madeline's breeder - I'm still advocating for that bladder enlargement focus in your breeding program. She really should be able to sleep until 5 am.

Keen Shoes - Thank you. Seriously. You've ruined me for any other shoe.

I'll let you know if I get any feedback!