Not so much

I'm in the recliner this morning. My back started hurting yesterday. So much so that I left work early and went to see another Dr. other than my beloved Dr. M. I thought perhaps I had a spike poking out of my kidney. Turns out not so much but no idea why it hurts so flaming bad.

So instead of catching up with my bloggy friends last night, I snoozed in the recliner. I had some awake time around 1-3am and now I'm up again. I thought I'd see if I could hang without a pain pill and drive to work, cuz I'm all dedicated and what not! That was a "no".

So, I'm gonna be crankin' out some work on the trusty laptop. I'll catch up with y'all around lunch time!

Asthmagirl out!

PS~ The accountant is done and it turns out that we're getting money back for the first time in forever!