I got an interesting post card in the mail this weekend. At first I thought it was some salon trying to lure me in! As if I could be dragged away from David, my hair dude! Then I read it more closely... Here's the front:


Then I realized.... It's from Locks of Love (LOL). Here's the back:


It was enough to make me tear up a little. As much as I'm cursing my hair right now (I think David booby trapped it so I'd have to come see him again when it went crazy), I'm so glad to have donated it. Not the same magnitude as donating a kidney perhaps, but satisfying nonetheless!

And yes, my efforts on the taxes are done, it's all in the hands of the accountant now, who I assume will pull his hair out when he sees the hinky spreadsheet I created this year! I think he charges me double because of my documentation!

So, how was your weekend?

Asthmagirl out!