Taste Test Thursday (and other madness)!

Starbucks VIA by CorneliousJD.

Remember last week when I asked for taste testers for Starbucks Via? Because I was certain that it wouldn't be drinkable? And y'all promised to be my victims tasters?

The results are in!

The Well Read Hostess sent her review Via Email (no pun intended). It is as follows (unedited because I was laughing too hard to edit)!

My panel of tasters consisted of the Well Read Hostess, the husband of the Well Read Hostess (often called TWGH - the world's greatest husband), and the Mother of the WRH.  We each like our coffee differently.
My mother tends to drink either decaf or lattes. 
My husband tends to drink regular, strong coffee black.
I drink milder regular coffee with half and half (no sugar) or a latte or a cappucino.
We all usually use the Keurig coffee maker at home and we are huge fans.
Preparation of the Starbucks instant was super easy with the Keurig b/c it boils up 8 oz of water in about 30 seconds and deposits it in the coffee cup of your choice. 
TWGH said that the coffee didn't taste anything like instant, was much "fresher" than any instant he's ever had, was not as "bold" as the Newman's Organic extra bold he usually drinks, but was plenty strong.  He said it was much smoother than Starbucks regular coffee, and without the bitterness he associates with Starbucks coffees.
My mom said that it tasted a little salty to her, but that instant coffee always tastes salty to her (I accused her of succumbing to the confirmation bias, which she denied claiming superior taste buds to the rest of us).  She, like my husband, noted that it was smoother than regular starbucks coffee, which she described as "burnt-tasting." 
I tried it black, and found it to be surprisingly smooth and un-instant tasting.  It also didn't have that distinctive Starbucks bite to it, which some people love and some people don't...I guess I don't, so that was good!  With 1/2 and 1/2 it was even better.
All in all, we're pro-Starbucks instant coffee in our house;  in fact, we'd prefer it to Starbucks regular coffee.  We wouldn't be likely to switch to it at home, though, because we like our Keurig machine so much (not to mention that we all have our own favorite K Cup that we prefer over anything - except maybe a hot Italian barrista serving me coffee in bed.  I'm assuming my mother wouldn't reject that, but my husband probably wouldn't be too enthusiastic). 


The rest of the reviewers are linking in, I think!

Thanks to all of you for the testing! I can't wait to read all of the results!