Learning curve...

You'd think I'd learn not to rile the gods. Talking about my asthma has produced two very unsatisfactory results.

  1. TOG (The Old Goat for the uninitiated) noted my glee at possibly making it through March and reminded me that indeed I have had crappy lungs in April and that I'm not even close to being out of the danger zone thank-you-very-much. As I opened my mouth to issue denial, he made the "n-Ech" sound (the one that tells you not to bother... the one that makes me want to poke him gently in the eye) and with supreme confidence announced that as AAA [All-knowing Asthma Analyst] he is the one that is more aware of my asthmatic twists and turns, more so than even me, CEA [Chief Executive Asthmatic]. As much as I would like to issue that denial, I have to give him this one folks. He has sky-capped his share of my asthmatic baggage. Crap. Then he went in for the kill and said "And it's not like you're exercising yet. That's how we know how good your lungs are in the spring."
  2. So I rode my bike last night. This morning...I'm fricking breathy. I'm not worried, this is barely a ripple in the fabric of my lung universe! I'm determined to get them accustomed to the workout. After all... I'm running a 5K this year!

In other news...


Tonight the kids come home! I'll sure be happy to see them! The Brute Squad will be thrilled!  But I am really going to miss the clean, quiet house!

And tomorrow, I get to find out whose grandmother I will be! Will I be doing the apron wearing, cooking baking, baby spoiling thing with a grandson or a granddaughter? Place your bets! I've got my own ideas. I promise to tell you if I'm wrong!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Asthmagirl out!  

PS~ If I haven't visited... I apologize! I'm swamped with avoiding my taxes (as usual) and working on the solution to the blog crisis I'm having! And working... I've taken on another project for this consultant. I need the money to finish paying off my lens!