This and That Thursday

I'm running late this morning!

  • I've finally tried a Feed Reader. I can't decide if I like it or not. It's neat but it's kind of a hassle
  • My two youngest are leaving tomorrow for 5 days in Arizona at my Dad's!
  • That's five nights of not having to make dinner, kick them out of the shower, wash their dishes or remind them to move their laundry so I can do wash. Bliss!
  • My gosh, I'm going to miss them!
  • For those that didn't know, imom is/was K3's day care provider for lo those many years she was in school!She was indispensable to me. Whatever happened at school and all the diagnoses and special ed classes, I knew once she got to imom's house, she was safe and happy!
  • I heard from K3's very first day care provider for the first time in 8 years this week. She helped K3 a lot in the early years and we lost touch.
  • I don't understand the freeze 24/7. I still look just as geezer-like as ever. Maybe I have iron clad wrinkles
  • If you signed up to be a coffee tester, I need your address. I only have The Baroness and Mama's address! email me at diane at asthmagirl dot com!

Have a fab day!

Asthmagirl out!