What a weekend... TOG was working until 2am both nights so my sleep was weird! Then the snow yesterday, then the hail, then the wind, then the wind and sideways rain. I saw a couple houses with small trees down on the way to the store yesterday. Ugly.

Speaking of ugly, I went to the eyeglass place on Friday and told them I couldn't deal with the glasses anymore. The girl that gave them to me when I picked them up basically got all busy and pretended I wasn't there. Thinking I was going to be ugly, they got the owner away from another client to "deal with me". He was very nice. I explained the headaches, the muscle spasms around the eyes, the huge amounts of Tylenol. He listened, asked me if I'd worn trifocals before and tested the prescription, then marked the transition points on the glasses and put them on my head. I'm instantly feeling the tugging headache, he's kind of surprised.

"Didn't anyone fit and adjust these when you picked them up?"

"No and I thought it was odd, but since they're frame-less, I thought maybe there was nothing that could be adjusted."

He takes the glasses and starts working on them and explains how there's just a corridor of sight in transitional lenses because each part of the lens is responsible for a different range of vision...blah, blah, blah.

I'm still thinking "Those glasses are the devil's spawn. They will never work, no matter what he does to them. I hate them!"

Then he says "Now try them".

Folks, I can see.

He said even the bottom of the lenses were tilted away from my face instead of tipped in so I could see my keyboard without dropping my head onto my desk. No wonder I would get head whirls and feel like throwing up...

So I'm trying them for a week and we'll see if they can stay adjusted.

I gave the lazy idiot "the look" on the way out the door. I hope her name was on the delivery paperwork and he realizes she didn't do her job. It's like she was clueless (or uncaring) about how painful it can be to wear glasses so far out of adjustment. Idiot. Thank goodness I didn't try to drive in them.

So... old glasses...


New glasses...


What do you think?

Asthmagirl out!