Restless Soul

I've been a restless soul lately, for weeks... and I'm not sure why.

It's been a little hard to focus, and I've been compensating by trying to at least focus on what's in front of me. It feels like I've been not very vested in my blogging. I've been aware that I'm being a little distant and not sure that I have enough energy or inclination to change it!

To compensate, I've been wallowing. Taking naps, indulging in online shopping, playing video games and at last... long last, playing with my camera. Yes, the new lens has helped with that.

I stopped on the way back from my Costco run (for the staff meeting) on Wednesday. With the clear cold weather we've had lately, the scenery has been amazing. I pulled over and got my camera out and was dwelling on composition when I heard the horns and hollering. I pulled my thoughts out of the view finder and turned my head...there were cars driving by and people smiling and waving at me through rolled down windows.

Were they all as stunned as me by the beauty of the day? Was this a spontaneous bonding? An acknowledgment? I was completely off the road, and for once not standing on my poor car. No flat tires and I was garbed unremarkably.

Perhaps everyone is showing some exuberance... some exaltation at the beauty around us, the clarity of the air, the precursors of spring....

Maybe they've been restless too?

Maybe they wish they were taking this picture?

From fife2   

Maybe they were reminding me to do my taxes!