Biten in the butt

I had a blast from my past last night! A call from a friend that I haven't talked to in... well... forever. In fact, as we were talking last night, neither of us could remember how long it had been. I looked for her online last year because I lost her number. Well as it turned out, she had moved but she kept my number!

Way back when... when I was pregnant with K2/Girlfriend, I lived next door to M. With our husbands crazy work schedules, we often found ourselves hanging out together, mingling our kids, sitting in her back yard (she was tanning, I was burning) and loaning each other groceries. One of my fondest memories of M is the night I brought K2 home from the hospital. We had a fence running inbetween our two houses and as she saw our car pull in, she came running out her side door, up to the fence, put her hand on the top and vaulted herself over! It was like the Olympics. Since she's only about 5'1, it was quite a sight!

I tore my picture box apart this morning looking for the last picture I took of her and I can't find it. As I was frantically looking through envelope after envelope I thought "this is why people organize their pictures"! It's so much easier when it's online and you can make new folders to your heart's content! (Or buy an external hard drive because you have so many!) So yes, my lack of organization has bitten me in the butt again!

Anyway, M said she would visit the blog today, so I need to at least put pictures of the girls up for her to see! It's a big event for her, because she's just learning to get online and visit websites... And I made her promise to visit!

So, M! Yes... you, my soul sister! Thanks for calling and reestablishing the link! I won't lose you again!

Hugs and kisses... til I see you this summer! Here's the girls, all grown up!

Girls one 

And the Brute Squad...

Brute squad 

Fiona, Maddie and Cassie! (M has puppies too!)

Friendships rock!