Photographic Evidence

The past two days have been clear and the air stagnant. It's been a little hard to breathe!

Lung shot 

A side benefit has been that the sunrises and sunsets have been beautiful! So much so that as I was driving home last night, I was overcome by the intense colors in the sky. But the sun was sinking so rapidly that as I pulled in the driveway, there was really only one location I could think of to shoot from where I might capture a glimpse of the light...


And even once I was on the roof, there was barely anything left. My neighbors must think I'm a wacko! "She won't go up to hang Christmas lights, but give her a sunset and she's scrambling across the roof in sandals with her camera around her neck!"

In other news, imom came over last night to get her hair done! Afterwards we sit down and she showed me how to change some of the settings on my camera! I'm feeling much better now! Before she left to go home and watch American Idol, we handed the camera to K3 who stopped laughing long enough to take a few shots....


Some less flattering than others! Imom's hair is still wet, but you can see her beautiful color!


I think it's one of the few times her hair has been significantly longer than mine!


Even better, she's decided to grow it out and donate it to locks of love! Cassie was thrilled!

How was your evening?