Stubborn much?

Four years ago, I helped my non profit employer start a gift basket business. No. This isn't a plea for y'all to buy baskets, I'm just tellin' a story.


Anyway, I built a website for the baskets and I did some research to make sure no one had a copyright on the name we chose and it was all good. I bought the domain name using dot org. Another company had dot com and I took a moment in my whirling thoughts to consider that as "not very savvy". Often times when a company sets up a site they will buy dot com, dot org and dot net to protect their interests... 

Anyway, a year passes and suddenly my non profit gets a "cease and desist" letter from a lawyer representing the dot com. They want us to surrender the dot org domain. They further state that they were in the process of copy writing the name when we took our site live. We engaged our lawyer because we didn't think we needed to surrender the domain and they had failed to protect it, yada yada.

This went on for months, with them basically not concerned with out non profit status or the costs of redoing the site. Finally, the story ended with them agreeing to pay us $10,000 for the surrendered domain and us agreeing to change the name of our business and move our site to the new domain. All of that happened except for them paying the $10K. Well... almost all of that happened.

I was feeling a little put out with them since we incurred considerable legal cost because they couldn't let this go.... So I posted a sign on the domain they wanted, the dot org, telling visitors where to find us at our new domain.

And I didn't surrender the old domain.

Even though my boss told me to let it go.

Every year, I've renewed it on my personal domain account.

It's coming up for renewal again.

I still don't want to walk away from it. If they wanted it so badly that they'd promise to pay, I want them to pay badly enough that I'm not going to make it available to them until they do.

What would you do?


PS~ I still haven't told my boss. I'm bad.