Sunday round up...

Yesterday was a crappy lung day so I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. The Costco trip was uneventful... let me just say this about that. Do NOT under any circumstances go to Costco on Valentine's Day. Ever. People were in it to win it yesterday. Crazy. We ended up in line behind a well turned out gentleman that had a Hoover Wind Tunnel vacuum in his cart (now with pet hair filter) and a dozen roses. If you review the Bad Wife Chronicles, you'll note that electrical items are not as romantic as one might think unless the lady has previously stated her preference for such. I believe I mentioned to TOG that I hoped she had loudly proclaimed that she wanted a vacuum and nothing else would do. TOG gave me the "I hope he can't hear you, he's standing right there" look and I let it drop!

In other comfortable shoe news, look what showed up on my doorstep Friday... Hello Beloved!


Except they look so much better in real life.


Note how they set off my sexy, dog-hair-covered, fleece pants! I know you're jealous! And no, they aren't high water, I pulled them up so you could enjoy the full, unobstructed view of my pasty white ankles! Now with crepe paper ©  wrinkes! (Ankles only a Chihuahua would love!)

Since I'm only cracking myself up at this point, allow me to share with you a picture I took of the mountain Friday morning. I was loving the way the clouds were "cuddling" the mountain without obscuring it. And since I was running late Thursday morning and didn't stop to take a picture of the AMAZING light around the mountain then... I made a point of stopping Friday for this:


Have a beautiful Sunday!

Asthmagirl out!