Who's a Blogger?

I had another post planned today, but it will keep!

I read two posts in the last 24 hours that made me think about the qualities of a blogger. Something I don't ponder much anymore,,, I'm committed. My feet are already on this path. The only way to see where it takes me is to continue on. Much like being able to appreciate the silence and beauty of the mountain trail, even when you're wheezing and covered in sweat! And then some 20 year old passes you with their 80 pound pack murmuring "have a great hike". Cheeky!

The two examples I'm thinking of both zeroed on how they felt as bloggers. Trisha wrote about a friend that stopped blogging because she wasn't an expert in anything. imom did a post today about how she's embarrassed to blog because she's not a very good writer.

Okay...I'm not an expert. I don't even play one on my blog! But I hate knowing that people think there's a level of proficiency that a blogger must have.

I think there's three qualities that dedicated bloggers bring to the table...

1) They're great observers. They probably love watching people in airports. They pick up both the details and the ambiance of everyday life around them...

2) They're fearless. They're unafraid to put themselves out there. That doesn't mean they're always outgoing, but they're willing to risk the feedback from whoever reads their stuff.

3) They're expressive. They may not be "great writers" in a classical sense, but when you read them, they convey life... they bring you into their world. They may have a passion for a topic or just a zest for life... but through their blog, you get a sense of how real they are.

I don't know Trisha's friend, but I do know imom. One of the first comments on her blog was that her smile lit up a room. And it does! And that's why people will read her. It's not her vocabulary or her technique. It's how she invites people in when they visit her blog. They get how fun she is. They can picture themselves hanging out with her.

I know we all grow as bloggers. I think it's really evident when someone has a blogoversary and links to their first post! Cathy at Noble Pig did so today. (she's also giving away some crazy good chocolate!) Again with the hiking analogy... when you get to a point in the trail where the trees open up, the vista before you allows you to see how far you've come... and it's beautiful!


Have a great day!