Dateline: Wheemaw's House

Ben here... Wheemaw said it being my first Christmas and all, the report might look better coming from me. Personally, I've got plenty to say about what went down that morning! First of all, let's talk about this hat. While I was happy to go to Wheemaw's, I didn't understand why they had to put this hat on me. But Mom insisted! Something about a fun, old fashioned family Christmas...

After all the big people get coffee and joke with each other, they all go in and sit around the big green thing. Everyone seems really happy... even the little hairy things. After everyone finds a spot, my aunties started separating the bright things on the floor into piles.

Daddy said I had to sit on this pile. He also put stickers on my hat. I didn't pay much attention because I was watching my aunties pull the peeling off the bright things. What were they so happy about? Was I missing out on something good?

Then Daddy said I had to peel my own bright thing. I was excited to see what all the fuss was about, but Daddy's hands kept getting in the way...

Although to be honest... once I got the peel off and tasted my bright thing, it wasn't that good. Maybe they come in different flavors??? I can't recommend the blue striped ones. Blah!

When Daddy wasn't looking, I grabbed the peeling back.

This stuff is great!!! I don't know why the aunties kept throwing the peeling away... the scrunching sound is awesome!

After the peeling was done, the whole family sat down and ate a big breakfast. Wheemaw said next year I could have some too!

They watched a movie too... something about a hap... happ... happiest crew since someone named Bing Crosby danced with... Oh, I can't say the name. Wheemaw said it's better to skip over that part.

Then I looked over and saw that Grandpa was taking a nap...

But I don't remember much after that. Daddy put me in my green suit and that made me really tired. This fun, old fashioned family Christmas really takes a lot out of a guy.

Ben out!

Wheemaw note: Thanks for your report Ben. I have the feeling next year's segment will look a lot different through your eyes!