All is calm...

Peace descends on the Asthmagirl abode as we enjoy our Holiday Eve.

While the air has stagnated and is icky to breath, this icy fog makes makes for beautiful pictures. We may not have snow, but we have crisp, cold weather to enjoy!

There is very little left that MUST be done. We have just a few presents left to wrap. I think we will bake one more batch of cookies this afternoon and then I'll start working on the pie, cinnamon rolls and stuffing. Afterwards, I'm looking forward to some quiet time with K3. I hear there is movie festival planned for tonight!

As always, proximity to any major holiday prompts me to consider my blessings and I count myself especially fortunate this year. Among my reasons to be thankful...

K3 ~ Not only did she graduate high school this year, but she survived being hit by a truck with relatively few injuries and a lot of spunk. My cookie bakin' buddy!

K2 ~ Even with the challenges of going back to nursing school she's been a blessing in dealing with K3 and all our assorted ailments!

K1 ~ Gave me Ben. Enough said!

The Old Goat ~ My stalwart partner in life celebrations, asthma maintenance, crisis management and holiday planning. What would I do without him?

I'm especially thankful that my asthma, after thoroughly and completely trashing me throughout the roughest fall I can remember, is giving me a break for Christmas. Happy lungs rock!

Finally, I'm grateful to friends, those present and those far away... especially my blisters! Y'all are funny, sweet, supportive and make a huge difference in my life! I'm so blessed to know y'all!

Wishing all y'all a happy holiday... however you celebrate and wherever you are! I'll be toasting y'all with some holiday cheer!

Huge Holiday Hugs!