Flying Chihuahuas

Whimsical... I know! But I was delighted when I saw the headline on MSN that that announced "Chihuahuas Flying East!"

As it turns out, the story was about the over-abundance of Chihuahuas in California shelters and how they were being flown east to be adopted in New York and other east coast states.

While I'm so grateful that the little dogs will find homes, I'm really saddened that they were part of a "trend" that when no longer loved were simply discarded into shelters. I have a huge fondness for animals in general and dogs in particular. I just cannot imagine how hard that is on their psyches...

Perhaps because its so close to the holidays, I was really charmed by the thought of flying Chihuahuas. So I looked for wings for my sweet Maddie.

Thank goodness for Photoshop!

Happy Sunday!

AG out!