Full Circle

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far, away... I posted a letter that I had written... about a warm summer night and how Maddie woke me up... and the events that followed.

If you didn't read it, please take a moment... I'll wait.

Oh good, you're back.

Many of you asked... "so then what happened?"

And I didn't know. And I didn't think I ever would.

And then strange things began to happen.

TOG got a subpeona right about the time K3 got hit and he got the swine flu. We didn't know what it was for and frankly we were a little busy at the time although TOG called later and the prosecutors office said they'd call if they needed him but didn't tell him what it was about. End of matter.

Then the phone rang last week. This lady asked for TOG and I said he wasn't available. Then she said she was calling because he was connected with a crime, although she didn't think he committed it, she thought he witnessed it. Then she started dropping hints... It was three years ago, during the summer (she gave the month but I won't), in the early morning hours...

"Is this about "J", I blurted out.

"You know about him?"

"I was the one that saw him at the door and woke my husband up..."

It turns out she's a private investigator and she was trying to fill in some gaps on the case. Her job is to provide enough facts that they (the lawyer representing the defendant) can plea bargain with the prosecutor and it doesn't cost the taxpayers $1000s to go to court.

I told her what happened from my perspective. She kept saying "I can't believe no one ever interviewed you."

I kept saying "Ma'am, I didn't witness a crime, just the aftermath."

Then she wanted me to tell her what J told the police since I was sitting next to him when he made his first statement. I told her it was his story to tell but ended up giving her very basic stuff.

It turns out she was interviewing J the following morning.

While I can't talk about any of the details of the case, the one thing I can share is that she told me the defendant is a changed person.

I'm sorry, I saw what was done to J. I sat next to him while he was in shock waiting to be transported. I saw the bones through his wound but still lied to him about the extent of his injury. TOG is the one that cleaned all his blood off the porch... and the sidewalk... and the driveway. If the defendant is guilty of that, I have a hard time working up sympathy for him. I told the lady that she should not have me subpeonaed on her clients behalf.

I did ask her to convey my best wishes to J and to tell him that even years later, I still remember him and everything that happened that night.

She told me there's a note in the file that states he wears a beard now.

It made me a little sick. He's a note in a file. Not that it's her fault...

For me, there's all this emotion that's tied up with that night, despair... compassion... empathy...

Yet as that case grinds through the the wheels of justice, it's less about the impact of the crime and more about the manuevering, the discussion, the bargaining.


AG out.