Normal comes in chunks

(The sky yesterday morning on the way to work)

As much as I think I would like to return to a normal life right now, I'm working on being grateful for little chunks of normal swimming in the chaos!

This getting up early and actually putting real clothes on... uggh!

Coming down off of yet another dose of Prednisone... ack!

Wading through 2 weeks of email and voice mail.... groan!

Driving home in the dark with no idea what's for dinner... eek!

Walking in the door to see K3 give me the "you left me here with them and they don't have a clue" look.... guilt, guilt, guilt....

Still, so thankful for the progress K3 has made and the opportunity to clean things up at the office...

The picture above... I was so enamored of the sky that when I finally pulled the car over to shoot it, I ended up holding the camera at some wacky angle (note angled buildings in lower corner)! Yet I find the shot appealing.

And taking wacky pictures is just one more chunk of normal to be thankful for!

Now I'm off to see what clothes I can squeeze my big butt into. Joy. (Way too much Thanksgiving!)

How is your day?