Eye am thankful...

Sorry I didn't update yesterday. I think we were all just exhausted.

First, K3... She continues to be a good sport about everything right on down the line: all the meds, the lip cleaning and dressing (every couple hours), the liquid foods and the hated mouth rinses. If you have to take care of someone, you want it to be an awesome patient like K3.

Ironically, this picture represents a "black eye" that has crept up on us the last couple days. It was not there earlier this week. K3 is kind of tickled by it's emergence! It makes her feel tough!

New to her diet is puree foods in the blender, which bodes well for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. She had pulverized homemade chicken soup last night and was thrilled!

Today its back to the surgeon for an evaluation of her bone graft. We're very hopeful that its successful. The only thing we did not do this week was brush the screws holding the graft in place. We tried but K3 just cannot get her mouth open far enough. So we've relied on the antiseptic rinses and I hope we've done okay.

Thankfulness comes easy to us this year. K3's accident puts many things in perspective.

I'm grateful that the accident wasn't worse.

I'm grateful that the bus driver gave her his coat and held his umbrella over her while they waited for the ambulance.

I'm thankful for the wonderful paramedics, doctors and nurses that have cared for her in this process.

I'm thankful to the friends and family that have been so good to us; the cards, phone calls and emails... even the door to door turkey delivery!!

I'm thankful for my bloggy friends, my blisters... they've been a ray of sunshine everytime I've sat down at the computer while K3 naps. You ladies are awesome, funny and genuine! I can't thank you enough!

I'm thankful that I get to sit down with my family tomorrow, that we'll all be together, that we're all okay.

I'm thankful for K1, who dropped everything and ran to the hospital that morning to be with K3. She left so fast she forgot to bring a burp rag for Ben!

I'm thankful for K2 who has been there at the ER, the surgery and the at-home nursing. All while balancing a full load of credits and a nursing job.

I'm thankful for TOG (The Old Goat) who lived upstairs with his Swine Flu for 4 days while K3 stayed on the couch. I know he wanted to see her, but he did the right thing staying away and it was hard on him.

I'm thankful to my dad who calls every day to check on her.

Hold your loved ones close tomorrow.