I'll take "what a surprise" for 200, Alex!

Life has continued on at a wicked pace.

Dr. M. said exactly what I thought he would say and put me back on steroids exactly as I thought he would. What a surprise!

He then wrote me a letter which I did not show my boss. It basically stated that I couldn't keep going back into that environment and expect the asthma to do well. After a heartfelt discussion, my boss and I agreed that I would work from home until the air cleared, but that I was to buy another filter so it would clear that much faster.

Although I'm happy about the arrangement, I'm still wishing I was at work. I feel stressed out with the charity auction so close now. Handling details from a distance blows.

The insomnia has stayed the same. I talked with Dr. M. and we agreed to try a med and then he forgot to prescribe it. When I got home and looked through my paperwork, I just said the heck with it. I'm a pro at this sleep issue now, and I'll have enough to handle with being on the steroids again. It just seems like one less thing to deal with.

On a happy note, Ben is 8 weeks now... and 16.75 pounds. I threw my shoulder out bouncing him the other day. I can get the biggest smiles out of him!

Lastly, this shot was of Mt. Rainier Monday morning at about 6:45 am. I was on my way to work and thankfully had the camera with me.

We totally turned the heat on too! Brrr!

What are you up to?

AG out!

PS ~ I got my first flu shot. I'm debating the second...