Like butter melting in the sun...

... Asthmagirl is having her own personal melt down.

Whoever thought heading up an auction committee (some of whom put everything off until the last minute) was a full and rewarding experience, needs to live through the final two weeks leading up to the auction when...

... you realize half the donation sheets haven't been filled out

... not enough tickets have been sold

... half the businesses donating dessert decided they were kidding

... you take 10 calls a day from businesses that expect to attend for free (with guests) since they donated a $25 gift card

... the program needs to go to press TOMORROW

... the magician has the swine flu

It's a good thing I'm a professional insomniac.

My postings will likely be limited for the next little while...

AG out!

   PS ~ The people that are doing everything right? Elliott Bay Brewing! Thanks for the Keg donation Michael! (And the buckets for the ice and not charging me for the taps!)