I am off to visit Dr. M. today. I'm so excited. I like seeing him. I don't like some of our conversations. This one will be about asthma medications and insomnia. I'm not optimistic, but am practicing due dilligence. Ugh.

However... the title of our post today is "allergic"

Allergic reactions occur to normally harmless envirnomental stimulii and are acquired, immediate and predictable.

I am allergic to drama.

I have been known to sprint from a room at the merest hint of drama.

I avoid specific in-laws because of this allergy...  (and one member of my own family...)

Hives are not out of the question.

I have near lethal reactions if the drama is chronic (ie- this person always has drama in their life)

I now find that I am allergic to blog drama as well.

I'm pretty sure there's no cure.

Group hug...

AG out