Storm Dog and knowledge

See this dog...?


Utterly and completely terrified of rain and wind storms. Poor thing. Rain hitting the house and wind whistling through the trees makes her want to climb down a rabbit hole. Or dig one in the basement. (we don't have a basement...) Or burrow into your armpit and shake.

I was up with her for quite some time last night trying to calm her enough that we could both sleep. Thus today I feel like I'm lacking my usual sparkling wit. There are a few things I'm sure of however...

... That was a loud ass storm last night and I have standing water in my back yard. Haven't yet checked on limbs down in the street. Hopefully not too bad.

... I forgot to preset the coffee maker last night and I'm now waiting for the pot to brew instead of enjoying a tasty cuppa.

... I don't think it matters how long I'm married, I'll never understand men. Ah... the mystere'.

... I turned down dessert twice yesterday. Maybe I better get that flu shot???

... Life is good. I'm gonna make it great today!

What are you gonna do today?

Asthmagirl out!