A lack of resolution...

The valley

The New Year's Resolution.... I'm always intrigued by resolutions, and there are a lot of them that have been tempting to make this year. Goodness knows, I could use some work in a number of areas (hello to my large Christmas-cookie-fueled behind!) and I have to acknowledge that there are things I want to accomplish. When I made my list of regrets from last year, it was easy to see them as a list of opportunities moving forward. But resolutions? Resolving? I just can't do it. But I certainly admire people that can!

If I used a driving analogy, I'd say that life is like a ride in a car (hopefully smooth!). We tend to drive along roads that we find pleasing. We make choices that accommodate what we want to see and feel. We choose this road over that road because of the scenery or the wildlife or the sound of the ocean.

Geez, Asthmagirl, where are you going with this?

I know... I'm out there this morning! So you're driving along and you like where you are. And then you make a resolution to change. Your hand tugs on the wheel and you veer off in a different direction. Unless you really like the new journey or where you end up, the wheel is eventually going to revert back to the path you liked being on to begin with. Then you feel bad because you didn't keep your resolution.

Okay, because I didn't keep my resolution! Because I know me. Other people might be able to make significant changes with a resolution, but I have a very bad track record! So I don't do them! I won't start a diet, I won't start an exercise program, I won't even promise to use my beloved camera every day. Because I know I won't. And the first time I don't do it, I'm going to feel lousy about it.

Which leaves me wondering how I want to tackle my goals... since I do have them. I would like a smaller butt. What am I willing to do in order to get there? Eat healthy? Sure... but not a "diet". Give up cookies? For the time being. Exercise? Of course... but regularly... I don't know. Which makes me think I might be stuck with this behind for some time to come!

So I'm going to have to think about how I want to handle my goals...

  • Getting better with my camera
  • Working on appreciating my dad more
  • Losing my behind
  • Acknowledging my asthma

Maybe I should start with cleaning my desk!

Are you resolving or not? Asthmagirl wants to know!