Sending my regrets...


Yesterday I covered some things I was grateful for last year. In hindsight, I felt like I had a good year, especially with the asthma! If the lungs are friendly, a lot of other quality of life issues fall into place. If the lungs are crappy, it really impacts pretty much every aspect of your life. Silly lungs!

Today I thought I'd cover some of my regrets from last year... They aren't many, but I think they might be keeping me up nights! So... Off we go... my regrets:

  • Not getting my leg taken care of sooner. Trying to nurse it along really screwed with my activities and the surgery kind of finished off my hiking for the year. This year, it looks well healed and will hopefully be a non issue.
  • Not finishing two of the hikes we went on... one was raining sideways and we were soaked and the other was when I rolled my ankle on the snow field and had to hike out on it. I'd like to finish both of those hikes this year.
  • That I didn't try harder to lose weight last year. I had the exercise part down (sometimes) but I never committed to longterm dietary changes. I'm not sure how willing I am this year either. I really like food.
  • That I never really learned the intricacies of my camera. I got better at composition and editing, but I didn't get into the finer adjustments. It's definitely a goal this year, as soon as I find my manual and learn how to change settings.
  • That I wasn't more patient with my dad. The older he gets, the more we rub each other the wrong way politically. If nothing else, I need to get better at biting my tongue.
  • That I still wimp out at telling people my asthma is acting up. It's so useless to stand around trying to appear "well" while your lungs clench in response to the smoke/perfume combo. Someday, I will master the non emotional- "I'm sorry, but I can't breathe" phrase!
  • That I didn't post to my cooking blog more often.
  • That I didn't visit more new blogs.

Those are the big ones! Do you have any regrets?

Today's picture is one of my favourite chocolate shops in the whole world! Yesterday's picture was one of the frozen fountains in Canada. Cathy thought it looked sudsy and I guess it does, but it's partially frozen!

Asthmagirl out!