Where she rambles on about movies...


I love these guys.... I always have. I watched them religiously in the 70's. I've seen all their movies and I have the complete collection of all their shows. When I need to dump a little stress, nothing works better than the pull-no-punches humor these guys dish out. The total irreverence for societal standards...


Ironically, my youngest daughter, who sometimes does not get the subtleties of life, totally gets these guys and can recite large blocks of dialog while we cook together!


I was having lunch with my boss this week and he's a huge movie buff (he's also a reader of the Twilight series!). He was stunned that I don't do scary movies.

"Nothing? You haven't seen the Saw movies?"


"Freddy? Chainsaw Massacre?"


"I know what you did last summer?"


"Do you at least watch suspense?"

"Oooh! Rear Window!"

"Nothing more modern? Action movies?"

"300 was really good!"

*eye contact*

In perfect unison... "Wouldn't you love to have one of those pits in your office?"

What do you like to watch?

Asthmagirl out!

[editor's note: My bad. The gentlemen depicted above are the comedy troupe Monty Python.]